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I didn't feel at all prepared for this dance (I printed out the music earlier in the day), but I was pleasantly surprised at how well things went. I think the trick is just convincing myself to relax.

The whole thing was just really, really fun.

Also, Wes's idea to call ourselves "Mr. Darcy's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was awesome.

Unfortunately, I missed the ceilidh in Lansdowne. Stupid scheduling conflicts.
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If you are playing a fast, note-y reel set for a dance (in this case, General Stewart's Reel), and you know that the dancers are doing The Montgomerie's Rant next, do not, under any circumstances, proceed to annihilate the first set of tunes.

Because if you do, you will f-ing DIE during Montgomerie's.


(this is obviously more relevant if you're the only melody player, but still...)
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Well, I managed to do a good job of freaking out after I just realized that Pinewoods applications were due today. Especially since E&A Week is likely going to be heavily lotteried.

For some reason, I had thought that I had more time.

Fortunately, my office has a fax machine, so I managed to get my application in, regardless. Now we just need to wait and see if I get in. I hope so, since last year was awesome, and this year's teachers look even better.

Oh, and thanks to [profile] sonatanator, whose post reminded me to check on the date in the first place.

Whew. Crisis averted. I hope.

*ceases panicking*


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