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...could you possibly find a way that isn't quite so uncomfortable? (yes, I'm reverting to B5 quotes for some of my post titles)

BiCo Scottish class tonight was...interesting. We didn't have a teacher, so it was decided that class would consist of students nominating the dances they wanted to do, as long as they could remind everyone of how it went. This was a fine theory in practice, but then they all started choosing reels. Fast, driving reels. We managed to do Montgomerie's Rant, De'il Among the Tailors, Reel of the 51st Division, Highlandman Kissed His Mother, and Flowers of Edinburgh, plus a bunch that I don't remember right offhand. With a constant 10x through, due to number of couples.

Aside from one lonely strathspey, we played nothing but reels for two hours. I played melody for every single iteration, and I felt sort of obligated to play louder than Andy in an effort to ensure that the melody would be in tune (or, by the end of the night, at least closer to in tune). I also developed a tendency to be way too gung-ho about playing stuff at the edge of what I was capable of. Also, choosing tunes I'd never played before. And starting tunes faster than was wise.

This whole thing might have been a grevious mistake, but I at least learned something from the experience. I now have a much better idea of exactly where my limits are in terms of endurance. By the end of the last dance (De'il Among the Tailors, featuring a set of De'il/The Scholar/The Ale is Dear/High Road to Linton), I could actually physically tell that I wouldn't be capable of playing another dance without a substantial break. Not only was my form shot to hell, but I was actually at the point where I wasn't capable of bowing in anything resembling a recognizable pattern, probably because I could barely grip the bow. My entire right forearm was rather displeased with me.

So yeah, interesting and informative experience, and was probably something that I needed to do some day, but I'm probably not trying it again.


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