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TCGPlayer $5k tournament in Philly today. I expect about 3 of you reading this to understand any of it at all, and about one of you to have anything approaching knowledge of the cards being talked about...

Tournament Report. )

Sigh. I'd thought I'd do better after starting 5-1, but it was not to be. Grumble mutter growl.


Sep. 26th, 2009 07:32 am
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I'd sort of forgotten how much I dislike waking up early on weekends just to attend prereleases in Philly.

Now I remember.
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I opened one of the most absurd Sealed pools ever at Friday Night Magic tonight. Unfortunately, it only yielded a 1-2 result, since I got mana-screwed/flooded in 4 of the 5 games of my first two matches.

To smother the pain, I consumed 4 cherry turnovers from Genuardis. In restrospect, this was probably a mistake. Oof.

Real post at some point in the near future, where I'll talk about engagements and goats. The two topics are unrelated.
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Just got home from prerelease. Kicked ass and took names. Finished the Swiss rounds in 6th place (out of 50 participants), then marched through the single-elimination top 8. Didn't actually play out the finals, as the other guy and myself were more interested in just getting the hell out of there (semifinals ended at quarter after one in the morning). So we split the prize; I now have 27 booster packs of Conflux, the newest Magic expansion. I unfortunately was not allowed to convert my winnings into store credit, which is what I really wanted to do ($108 of credit would cover my entry into tournaments there for, like, forever, especially with my usual policy of converting Constructed winnings into store credit rather than packs).

Funny thing is, my deck honestly wasn't that good. Solid, yes, but not particularly noteworthy. I spent lots of time just beating down with 2/2's.

EDIT, later: Decklist! )

So, anyone want to do a triple Conflux booster draft? Entry would be free, although I'd be keeping the contents of all of the packs...


Sep. 27th, 2008 07:10 am
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Magic prerelease this morning. I am operating on about 4 hours of sleep, thanks to insomnia.

This to me is not a good combination.


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