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Not much has happened recently, but felt like posting something anyway.

Am contemplating the purchase of a CodaBow (the trick'll be figuring out which model, since I'm unwilling to spend the $800 on their Classic or Diamond lines, which would be my first choices otherwise).

Got into E&A Week at Pinewoods. There's going to be an astonishingly large number of people there that I know. This bodes well, methinks.

Link: the 2008 Democratic National Convention, as depicted by Lawrence O'Donnell, Jr., former writer-producer of The West Wing:

I found it an immensely enjoyable read, and I'm unsure whether it's because I liked West Wing's writing or because I can actually see this happening. OK, perhaps not quite as depicted, and possibly a bit less dramatic, but I think it says something that the plotline laid out doesn't strike me as supremely far-fetched at this point. Bah.

Two weeks to PA primaries. I still haven't received my voter registration card yet (had to change registration from Independent). I feel vaguely guilty every time I find myself enjoying watching politics; I keep thinking of it as a huge game, and then I realize that (at least some of) the outcomes actually mean something momentous. But it's so much fun!
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Well, I managed to do a good job of freaking out after I just realized that Pinewoods applications were due today. Especially since E&A Week is likely going to be heavily lotteried.

For some reason, I had thought that I had more time.

Fortunately, my office has a fax machine, so I managed to get my application in, regardless. Now we just need to wait and see if I get in. I hope so, since last year was awesome, and this year's teachers look even better.

Oh, and thanks to [profile] sonatanator, whose post reminded me to check on the date in the first place.

Whew. Crisis averted. I hope.

*ceases panicking*


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