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I need to spend less time reading through the message boards at,, and (also, but they seem to get slightly fewer threads.) If I did, I bet I'd get a lot more stuff done.

I'm a huge fan of these guys. Video/sound quality isn't hugely impressive, especially in the first one, and the fiddle tunes are occasionally painful, but it's still a lot of fun to watch. The sort of thing I could see myself doing, assuming I managed to find the time and motivation to learn all that stuff. And find another violinist with equal interest...

This guy is, um, batshit insane. He's actually a really good violinist, if you look him up. But I'd never seen anyone go quite this nuts before. Also, the 4-string thing during the second half is really cool. I'd actually heard of it before, but I'd forgotten. Now I'm sort of tempted to try, as long as I can find a piece that doesn't care about too many open G, D, A, or E strings played as harmony. I've got an old fiberglass bow that I don't care about, so no worries regarding doing really bad things to it.

Weird-ass Violin Patents Section:
Folding/collapsable violins:

Foldable violin bow:

This one's even better. A motor-driven violin bow:

Had some interesting ideas about bow hold (yes, I'm still trying to figure this out) that I want to try tonight, if I remember. It's also entirely possible that these won't work at all. Who knows?


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