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Playing Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, only seven years after it was released.

Just started a mission that looks like it's going to be a 'Most Dangerous Game' kind of scenario: got captured by Imperials during a cutscene, had my lightsaber and all other weapons taken away from me, and the Imperial Commander has offered me the opportunity to try to escape. Of course, he'll shoot me if he catches me. Have to make my way through a base swarming with Imperial troops.

This is going to be fun, but probably not in the way this insano-commander suspected. Largely because, while I *am* physically weaponless, at least for the moment, I've got multiple ranks/skill levels in Mind Trick, Force Grip/Choke, and Force Lightning. Nothing like mind tricking a guard then using force choke to smash him into the wall until he loses consciousness.


EDIT: Things got even more awesome when I broke into the AT-ST hangar, commandeered one of them, and got to drive it around shooting at stuff.
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Have started watching Man v. Food.

I think this is the first show ever that always makes me swear out loud at least once/episode in amazement, disgust, and horror all at the same time.
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...and the Molitor Strad goes for $3.2 million.

About what I expected; a little higher, perhaps, but not by that much.


May. 29th, 2010 09:24 pm
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Congratulations, Halladay!
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Facebook ads are telling me that, as a Babylon 5 fan, I should be interested in joining the 'largest outer space war game today. Build ships, attack your enemies, and steal their resources'.

I find myself vaguely offended; that was not the role of Babylon 5.
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Downhill canoeing needs to make it into the Winter Olympics.

If the concept takes off, we can move to canoe jumping and literally take off.
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I had a wonderful dream last night.
Spoilers inside if you haven't read Anathem )
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Reading Pratchett's Night Watch while listening to the second half of Les Mis has proved to be an AWESOME idea.
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The good news: I fixed the ladle handle that broke when the KitchenAid mixer fell on it.

The bad news: In the process, I managed to glue three of my fingers together. Hooray for cyanoacrylate.

(my hands are fine now; don't worry about me)
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I have a new favorite YouTube music clip, this from a Ryan McKasson & Hanneke Cassel concert:

First half is just gorgeous, and second half is a lot of fun to listen to, especially if you're trying to figure out what's going on with the non-melody parts. Farewell to Tchernobyl also makes an appearance, which pretty much guarantees that I'll like the performance; in this regard, I'm rather predictable.

Haven't been playing as much recently, since BiCo and Swat classes are on break for the next few weeks. Am spending the time learning new tunes. I can actually play The Mathematician's Hornpipe at speed now, but it's something of a hollow victory, since it's not like I'm ever going to play the damn thing for a dance or at a session. Sort of the same as The City of Savannah. Suspect I have a glaring weakness for Skinner tunes that nobody else actually feels are worth learning. Problem with the realization is that it means I actually have to learn bariolage bowing if I want to play some of this stuff. I'm not sure I want to do that.

In 'played by the average fiddler' tune news, I have also discovered the Raivlin Reel, which is a heck of a lot of fun to play, and has a freakish number of possible ways to bow it. Still haven't decided how I'm going to come down on that.

It's probably good that I'm doing the tune learning now, since my February is looking incredibly full of stuff. We'll see if I go nuts.

A First.

Dec. 26th, 2009 08:25 am
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I don't think I've ever dreamed myself through an entire performance of Dr. Horrible before. But the real question is which is more troubling: that I was performing the role of the good doctor for most of it, complete with shifts in perspective, or that my dream-self had acquired Capt. Hammer's psychiatrist's appointment book, and was plotting an appropriate ambush, when I woke up.

I sort of wish I'd stayed asleep, as things could've gotten really interesting.

Also, I now have the musical number from the beginning of Act 2 stuck in my head, with no signs of it being interested in leaving. [personal profile] reldnahkram, if I start singing about throwing poison in the water main, don't worry -- I don't actually intend to do it.
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TCGPlayer $5k tournament in Philly today. I expect about 3 of you reading this to understand any of it at all, and about one of you to have anything approaching knowledge of the cards being talked about...

Tournament Report. )

Sigh. I'd thought I'd do better after starting 5-1, but it was not to be. Grumble mutter growl.


Dec. 6th, 2009 01:08 pm
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These sorts of mornings are dangerous. Because once you get into the shower, you never want to leave.

And that sort of thinking leads to authorities discovering a giant pink raisin in your bathroom, but still having no idea where you went.
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I finally got to play Wizard's Walk at a contra! With completely ridiculous piano runs, over-the-top violin pyrotechnics (if such things can be said to exist), and stuff! It was pretty much exactly how I always dreamed of playing it.

I normally tend to favor a certain amount of restraint while playing music for dancers. However, Wizard's Walk sort of begs to be played in a style full of nutty harmonies and huge quantities of bombast.

I was somewhat less a fan of driving 50 miles through the snow to get to Elverson, as well as missing Magic State Championships due to this gig, but it still may have been worth it.
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As much as I hate to admit it, there is such a thing as too much pie.

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Happy Turkey Day, People!

In keeping with my established tradition, I offer you a turkey. As usual, what you do with it is up to you.

I was due.

Nov. 25th, 2009 04:52 pm
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Since it's been about 15 years since it last happened, it was probably past time that I managed to fall down a flight of stairs.

(I'm OK, though)
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Now that Seussical is over, I need to figure out what to do with my newly-acquired free time.

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There's something tickling your cheek. You reach up to brush it off, and are rewarded by an angry buzzing and clicking, as something most definitely alive latches on to one of your fingers. It feels like you have sand trapped under your eyelids and you've *definitely* got a massive headache. This isn't helped when you open your eyes, which momentarily blinds you as your vision adjusts to the bright sunlight. Sitting up doesn't make the headache any better, either.

There's a large bug on your hand. Closer inspection reveals it to be a beetle of some sort, although it's not one you recognize. It's got a glossy dark brown shell, with hints of iridescence lurking beneath its wing covers. As you watch, it decides that there's nothing interesting on your palm, spreads its wings, and takes to the air. You track its path until it fades to nothing against a copse of trees about fifty yards away. The trees don't look particularly familiar either; they're tall and thin, with leaves a particularly vivid green you can't remember having seen on any plants before.

Before what? *Where* was before? Wait, who am I? Uh oh. You can't seem to remember anything!

You decide to take a look at your surroundings. For the moment, your headache seems to have disappeared, so you risk getting to your feet.

You're standing in knee-high grass about halfway up a hill. The bunch of trees the beetle headed towards is off to your right. Down the hill, about a quarter of a mile distant, the meadow gives way to a forest that stretches off towards a craggy mountain range that dominates the horizon. There's a road that parallels the forest's edge before the near end curves away to wrap itself around the far side of the hill you're standing on. If you squint, there appear to be a few wagons stopped alongside the road in the distance. It's too far to make out any details, however.

You decide to climb the rest of the way up the hill. Once you reach the top, you're treated to a spectacular view: there's a decent-sized creek (approaching on river status) that runs through the valley before you. The road meets it at a bend, where a bridge is located. On the far bank stand a number of buildings. The waterway is lined with farms, and there are tilled fields stretching away toward a city in the distance, a city that appears to be disproportionately composed of tall, airy buildings that have a wispy ethereal quality and design you wouldn't think was possible with normal architectural style (it's really frustrating how you seem to have all these general memories of how things should be, but you can't think of why that is, or where these memories come from, huh?). The village in the foreground seems to share none of the city's qualities; its buildings are of a more pedestrian blocky stone-and-mortar construction. You can see a few people moving about the streets, but of more immediate interest is the man on horseback making his way up the road towards the hill you're standing on. He's carrying a sword slung over his shoulder, and has a bow resting on the horn of the saddle in front of him. An absolutely gigantic dog trots by his side. You can't tell if he's seen you yet, but if he hasn't, he probably will in a few seconds.

And here, you're faced with a choice: at the very least, the rider probably knows where you are. On the other hand, there's no guarantee that he'll be friendly, and if that's the case, maybe you'd be better off finding a place to hide.

Do You:

A) Hail the man on horseback?; or

B) Sneak back down the hill and hide in the copse?

Welcome to CYOA: LJ Edition!

Feel free to discuss options, brainstorm, debate, etc., in comments below. Place any final votes regarding your choice in bold. Majority wins. In the case of a tie, I'll choose randomly or something. You'll probably have 3 or 4 days to decide, which should give enough people time to weigh in. This will also give me enough time to figure out what happens next in each option; I have a general idea of who you are, how you got here, where here is, etc, since I'm using a world I've been creating off-and-on for years now, but I don't have specific details in mind, and certain plot elements will be made up as you go.


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